Our Tools

3D Measuring Arm

Portable measuring arms enable measurements to be made directly in our shop, where process improvement brings the greatest benefits. Quick installation, ease of use and 3D measurements always reliable, the arm can be equipped with probes and scanning heads to measure all types of points, even the most difficult one  of access, with or without contact.

Kinetech DMRTA

Control of preimpregnated fabrics, thermosetting resins, composites.

Perfectly suited to composites.

Easy to use

Fast and reliable results analysis



Several ovens of different sizes and powers are available on our premises to accommodate all types of work.

The process cycle is monitored by computer and it follows our internal recommendations.


Cutting Plotter

Our cutting plotter and our software allow us to recreate the original decorations or custom decorations if needed.

Let your imagination be free.

Enable to create original goods easily 

2016 news

We have developed  in-house a unique test bench (ATISD) coupling stimulated thermography with cyclic mechanical stress to analyze the structure of a frame quickly and reliably.

It complies with ISO 4210 standard.

We are able to check both standards E 14 781 (road bike) & CE 14 766 (MTB) frames

The Languedoc-Roussillon Midi-Pyrénées region has contributed to the financing of this project.